Independent Professional Research at the British National Archives (TNA)

Professional researcher Lee RichardsWith over 30 years experience working at the British National Archives and other international archives and libraries, Lee Richards is available to undertake independent research work on your behalf throughout the UK and abroad. Author of two books, producer and editor of the PsyWar.Org website for over 17 years and editor of Falling Leaf, the quarterly journal of the PsyWar Society for over 6 years; Richards has undertaken research work for TV productions, newspapers and magazines, professional & amateur historians, genealogists and those wishing to discover more about their family history.

Lee Richards is able to supply document copying of WWI and WW2 war diaries, war service records, British Government reports and memoranda, family history records, etc. at highly competitive prices. His specialist knowledge covers military history records especially those of the Special Operations Executive and Security Services, First World War and Second World War unit diaries, Royal Air Force Operations Record Books, Prisoner of War records and documents relating to Allied Forces Headquarters in the Mediterranean theatre and Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces in North-western Europe following D-day. Richards' experience also includes working with Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Colonial Office and War Office records dealing with such subjects as the Malayan Emergency, the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya, the Cyprus conflict and the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Frequent visits to the British National Archives (TNA) at Kew, the Imperial War Museum, the British Library and British Newspaper Library means I am generally able to offer a fast service for your research needs. Assistance can also be provided with locating relevant records, processing Freedom of Information requests and visiting other archives and libraries throughout Britain and abroad.

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