Should the secret of Operation Mincemeat be revealed?

Digging around in the National Archives yesterday I came across this correspondence regarding Operation Mincemeat.

The story of Mincemeat was originally told in 1950 by Sir Duff Cooper in his book 'Operation Heartbreak'. The book claimed to be a work of fiction but was very close to the real story. Obviously Commander Montague was not best pleased when Duff Cooper published this book, as he wanted to tell the story himself.

This correspondence, between members of the Joint Intelligence Committee, discuss why they did not want the real story told. Nevertheless, in the end Montague was able to publish his truthful, abeit incomplete, account of Operation Mincemeat which led to the famous film "The Man Who Never Was".



Operation Mincemeat - Top Secret Ultra Report

Extracts from a Top Secret - ULTRA report on Operation Mincemeat, aka "The Man Who Never Was".

(Taken from National Archives file: CAB 154/112)



Once the Africa campaign was completed, the problems of Security and Deception, which have already been discussed in connection with TORCH, assumed a new form. The next target was Sicily. For many reasons it was an obvious target and the difficulty of deceiving the enemy was great.